PowerApps Sample for SAP Secure Custom Connector


Welcome to a new era of expense management efficiency! Our groundbreaking integration seamlessly connects the robust SAP system with the versatile Microsoft Power Platform, presenting a transformative solution to streamline your organization's expense booking processes. Dive into this innovative journey, where we leverage the power of SAP integration with the Power Platform, starting with a meticulously refactored expense report app from the PowerApps sample.

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Experience the Power of Integration:


In the quest for operational excellence, organizations worldwide are turning to integration solutions that not only bridge gaps between disparate systems but also unlock unparalleled efficiency. Our SAP and Power Platform integration is at the forefront of this revolution, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for expense management.

Use Case and Proof of Concept:

Tailored Solutions for Real-world Scenarios

Our use case revolves around exposing the SAP system via REST API to the Power Platform, offering read and write operations for efficient expense booking. The proof of concept is built upon the foundation of a refactored expense report app, showcasing its adaptability and relevance in real-world scenarios. Experience the simplicity of creating Azure Functions, configuring Power App Custom Connectors, and orchestrating a foolproof authentication process.

Authentication Process:

Securing Your Connections

At the heart of our integration is a robust authentication process, ensuring secure connections at every step. From Power App to Custom Connector, App Service 1 to App Service 2, and down to the SAP source, we employ OAuth 2.0 and unique API keys for a layered security approach, guaranteeing data integrity and confidentiality throughout the entire process.

SAP Integration Overview:

Navigating the SAP Landscape

Expense booking in SAP involves intricate processes, and our integration provides an insightful overview of common tables and structures, simplifying the complexities behind the scenes. Whether it's Travel Management, Controlling, Finance, Materials Management, Human Resources, Workflow Tables, or SAP Concur Integration, our solution offers a holistic approach to expense management.

Using Microsoft AI Builder

Microsoft AI Builder is employed to scan and automatically fill in the expense report form using the mobile camera or gallery. Users simply need to capture a photo or choose an image, and AI Builder will comprehensively interpret the image, swiftly and securely populating the form accordingly.


Elevate Your Expense Management Practices

As organizations embark on the journey of digital transformation, our SAP and Power Platform integration stands as a transformative solution for efficient expense management. The use case and proof of concept outlined on this page pave the way for organizations to embrace a seamless, secure, and streamlined approach to expense booking. Explore the potential of this integration, anchored in a refactored PowerApps sample, to revolutionize your organization's expense management practices.

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