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ETLAgent to manage your business file transfer needs.

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ETLAgent Managed File Transfer (MFT) helps you reduce risk and deliver business services faster by designing file transfer workflow using our system.

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Business Challenge

Modern business operations depend on the movement of files between many different applications and systems of records. Usually IT departments manually intervention/write various scripts/programs to transfer files may result in potential SLA breaches that can impact the services your deliver.

Our Solution

ETLAgent gives you the entire visibility of every file that was processed by our agent on our web app which is accessible globally.

We have dashboard that gives you following information's:

  • Summary of all the ETLAgents running.
  • Summary of all files processed by ETLAgent.
  • An overview that contains of timeline and the entire file transfer visual from one machine to another.

Easy ETLAgent Setup


Plan The File Transfer Process.

Using our Agent Process Dashboard you will plan and organize the process of file transfer.


Create Instance Of ETLAgent On Web

Create a instance of ETLAgent on our web app and then configure it based on process planned.


Setup/run The ETLAgent

Just setup/run our ETLAgent on planned machine and ETLAgent will automatically sync configuration and start running.


Realtime process overview

ETLAgent will start logging for each files it processes and you can see them on monitor agents summary dashboard.

Managed File Transfer

  • File transfer: Configuring the ETLagent to transfer files and monitoring can be done on single interface. Once the configuration is done, Agent saves automatically sync the configurations from the web and start working accordingly.
  • Transfer files securely: Files can be transferred/copy from machine/server to FTP (SFTP), one machine to another (over same n/w), machine/server to azure storage over SFTP, can email the files, locally on same machine.
  • Central Configuration: Admin with authorized access to web app can configure the agent.
  • High Availability: High availability due to azure being used as backend.