Azure Autotickets

An automated & self organized simple ticket system that creates tickets from emails.

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Fully integrated with Teams Planner an automated ticketing system, which converts your incoming emails into a tickets with auto fill fields. A simple system to manage your tickets.

Ticket Module where you manage them

Some of its important features include:

  • Auto ticket generation from email
  • Tagging, Clients, Statuses
  • Comments
  • Mail Attachment

Office 365 Calendar Sync for team members

An option to sync the calendar of your team in one place.

You can click on any meetings to get see the details.

You can filter team members calendar.

It includes features to sync all your Teams Meetings with this system.


Kanban board

A Kanban board to manage tickets easily on single screen.

Can drag and drop to change ticket status.

Dynamic search to display the filtered data realtime.

Can Add/Edit/Delete tickets from this screen too.


Teams Integration

Integrated with teams you can manage tickets.

Have all the features of web application with teams benefit.