Azure Automation with bicep or terraform

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We often receive Azure workloads that have been manually created without a failback plan. To ensure the stability and reliability of these workloads, we perform a staging process to document and convert them to a more robust configuration with terraform, bicep and pipelines (CI/CD).


Workflow for Migrating your Azure Resources

Azure Automation

POC to step wise automation.

We make from proof of concept to document step wise automation

Azure Automation

Benefits of azure autimation.

Compliance, reduce cost, move resources easily, duplicate resources easily.


Azure Automation Flow

Five phases of the recommended workflow for migrating your Azure resources to Bicep. The five phases are: convert, migrate, refactor, test, and deploy. With this we convert manually created azure resources to documented automated bicep flows.

Azure Automation With Azure DevOps

Once your resources have been refactored with Bicep, it's important to implement a system for ongoing automation to ensure that your processes are efficient and reliable. One option for automation is using Azure DevOps pipelines.
Our team can help you set up Azure DevOps pipelines to automate your Bicep-refactored resources, helping you streamline your processes and improve efficiency even further