Our Mission

Our goal is to provide customers with effective azure-based solutions. We created resources and have a wide portfolio of ready-to-go templates based on Bicep and Terraform for various needs and situations. We also provide customized solutions (.net core ) based on your requirements.

ETL Agent

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The ETL-Agent Managed File Transfer (MFT) helps you reduce risks and deliver business services faster by designing file transfer workflows using our system.

All configurations such as credentials or connection strings are encrypted and can be stored in Azure KeyVault for added security.

Azure Virtual Desktop

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Azure Virtual Desktop is a desktop and application virtualization service that runs on Azure, it's perfect for various industries such as financial services, healthcare, and government. It provides flexibility for remote workers, contractors, partner access, Bring your own device (BYOD), mobile users, call centers, and branch workers. It also support specialized workloads such as design and engineering, legacy apps, and software development test, with failover support and can be automated with Terraform and pipeline for easy management and deployment at scale.

Auto Ticketing

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Introduce our fully integrated ticketing system, Teams Planner, that automatically converts incoming emails into tickets with pre-filled fields. With features like auto ticket generation, tagging, client tracking, commenting, attachment, calendar sync, a Kanban board and Teams integration, it makes it easy for teams to manage tickets. Plus, it has a tracking feature to add comments, time, customer info and other relevant details for easy reference and follow-up.

Easy secure storage

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Introduce our file management system that allows external users to upload, download and view files on selected storage. Users can register themselves and receive credentials, while admin can assign roles, permissions and set expiration dates. Users can upload, download and view files in containers based on permission set by admin. And, monitor the file operations.

Azure Cloud Adoption Framework

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The Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure provides best practices to align business and technical strategies for successful adoption of Azure. By using this framework, organizations can optimize their cloud journey and achieve their goals. Additionally, by utilizing automation tools such as Terraform and Bicep, organizations can streamline their cloud adoption process and manage their resources more efficiently.

Azure Automation

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We can help you convert and document your Azure workloads as a staging project with fallback options. Most of the Azure workloads are created manually and without fallback, by using our service, you can ensure that your workloads are properly structured and can be easily restored in case of any issues.